Kanye West……

Posted: September 17, 2009 by Joe "Bird" in Hiphop
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My thoughts on what happened on the VMA’s is that Kanye is a complete idiot for that. He ruined that poor girls moment that she deserved regardless if Beyonce had a better video or not. Him running up on stage did not change that at all. I’m glad he’s getting boo’s in his recent public appearances for this. But I do not think he should be booed for the rest of his career either just based off of this interruption. I’m glad to see he was man enough to call Taylor Swift up and apologize and to apologize live on the Jay Leno show. And as for his presidential comment a few years back I really was glad to hear that because at the time I felt him on that.

And everybody wants to jump on Obama for calling Kanye a “jackass” but it was suppose to be an off record comment. Now I understand that nothing is truly off record when you are the president BUT he is only human and voiced his opinion on the matter…. while some may say he isn’t suppose to voice those types of things being the leader of the U.S. and I agree on some level BUT it is hard to stop being human 24/7. And let’s be honest what Kanye did was a “jackass” move lol…….

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