Ghostface “Wizard of Poetry”

Posted: September 22, 2009 by Joe "Bird" in Hiphop
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Ghostface "Wizard of Poetry"

01. Not Your Average Girl Ft. Shareefa 3:48
02. Do Over Ft. Raheem “Radio” DeVaughn 4:34
03. Baby Ft. Raheem “Radio” DeVaughn 4:12
04. Lonely Ft. Jack Knight 4:34
05. Stapleton Sex 2:33
06. Stay 2:56
07. Paragraphes Of Love Ft. Vaughn Anthony And Estelle 3:52
08. Guest House Ft. Fabolous 4:29
09. Let’s Stop Playing Ft. John Legend 4:23
10. Forever 3:40
11. I’ll Be That Ft. Adrienne Bailon 4:09
12. Goner Ft. Lloyd 4:54
13. She’s A Killah Ft. Ron Browz (Bonus) 4:03
14. Back Like That (Remix) Ft. Kanye West And Ne-Yo (Bonus) 4:02

Ohhh my this is gonna be HEAT!!!! The first few tracks i’ve heard have been great……

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