MTV’s Hottest MC’s List?!?!?!?

Posted: October 9, 2009 by Joe "Bird" in Hiphop
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Sooooo MTV decided to put out another “Hottest MC’s in the Game” countdown……

Now the list isn’t about talent or lyrical ability (obviously lol) BUT it’s more a list to say who’s popular right now in the mainstream Hiphop world………

So here’s the list………..

10. Raekwon

9. 50 Cent

8. Fabolous

7. Young Jeezy

6. Gucci Mane

5. Rick Ross

4. Kanye West

3. Drake

2. Lil Wayne

1. Jay-z

Now first I wanna say it’s GREAT to see that Raekwon is on the list!!! One of the great MC’s in Hiphop and he probably has hands down the BEST Hiphop album of 2009.

But I am also veryyyyy disappointed to see that the 2nd largest selling MC of 2009 isn’t even on the list! Eminem. Why is he not on here??? it’s crazy to me because he’s currenly on one of the biggest radio songs “forever” with Lil Wayne, Drake, and Kanye West!

Anywayyyy enough with my complaints it’s time for you all to tell me what you think about the list!!!!

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