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Posted: March 1, 2011 by Joe "Bird" in Hiphop
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So two albums that both come out on March 8th leaked today. I have had both on repeat for hours and so far i’m enjoying this Raekwon album more. The Lupe isn’t a terrible album but it can’t even begin to be compared to his other two classic/near classic albums “Food & Liquor” and “The Cool”. Recently in an article by Complex magazine even Lupe himself said he’s not happy about how Lasers sounds. He was told to make songs a certain way using hooks he didn’t even come up with. This album is a lot more “radio friendly” and sounds more mainstream/pop than his previous albums. It even seems like he has “dumbed” his lyrics down some. So if your a big fan of Hiphop that’s on the radio then this album may appeal to you more. He also left “i’m beaming”, “shining down” and, “go to sleep” off the album which were all better than most the songs on this album. The best tracks on the album so far to me are “beautiful lasers” and “all black everything”.

The Raekwon on the other hand is solid. It can’t be compared his last album “only built for cuban linx 2” but it’s still got some great tracks. It also seems like Raekwon has been on a lotttttt of other peoples albums lately such as Kanye West, Currensy, Freeway, Twista, Paul Wall, Rick Ross and even a track with Justin Bieber! Which by the way was a great song.

The standout tracks on this album thus far are “Rich & Black” featuring Nas, “Master of Our Fate” f. Black Thought from The Roots, “Ferry Boat Killaz”.

I was anticipating buying the Lupe album when it drops on March 8th but now I’m leaning more towards the Raekwon album. Also on March 8th Reks drops his album…. more on that later!

comments welcome……….

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